Lecturers of English Department – Sebelas Maret University

Gedung Dekanat Fakultas Sastra & Seni Rupa UNS

Gedung Dekanat Fakultas Sastra & Seni Rupa UNS

Suddenly, I want to write my posting in this blog in English. Yet, I had no idea to write before. Hmm,,, then an idea passed through my mind. It was about my beloved ex-campus, English Department of Sebelas Maret University (Universitas Sebelas Maret). And furthermore, in this posting, I am going to give my opinion about my ex-lecturers who lecture and teach me a few years ago.

D3 program of English department Sebelas Maret University (actually there is no difference between lecturer in D3 or S1 Faculty of Letter Universitas Sebelas Maret. They are same) actually has many good lecturers who have high dedication, good method, good delivery to the students, but some other lecturers do not have them. So, information mentioning that all of the lecturers in D3 Program of English Department of Sebelas Maret University (UNS) are good, smart, creative, dedicative, and so on need to be re-studied again. During I spend my time to study English here, I have found some lecturers who don’t have good dedication for the students, or at least they don’t too much care to their students. Then, they are not too caring about discipline. Thirdly, some of the lecturers cannot explain the lesson or the lecture clearly. The last, some lecturers do not know or have ways to make the lesson interesting in order that the lecture will not be boring.

Students studying here want to be a good person. They want to learn English a lot that they don’t have before. Therefore, they want to pay for amount of money to make their dreams come true. But, after they see some of the lecturers here not having a good dedication, some of the students feel disappointed. Some of the lecturers who don’t have dedication only want to teach. When they transfer the lesson to the students, they do not care whether the students understand or not. So, after they finish the lecture, then they will go out of the class.

According to the schedule, the lecture should start at 13.00 for example. But, some lecturers do not come on time. They, some lecturers who are not too discipline, usually come and start the lecture lately. If it is only 15-20 minutes, it’s OK. But, they often come and start the lecture 30 minutes later. Even sometimes they do not come at all or absent. Of course it will make the students disappointed and prevent the lesson itself.

Some lecturers cannot also explain the lesson clearly. We, students, often get confused with the instruction, explanation, or information from them. Even, we sometimes get a misunderstanding and misinterpret in their explanation.  Beside that, for some lecturers we felt that we know nothing about their lesson. This condition, sometimes make us lazy to do the tasks or exercises because we know nothing about the lesson. Therefore, we often make a group of study to study the lesson that we do not know at all by reading some books relating to the lesson and discussing. Then, we ask the lecturer whether our discussion result is right or not. Although actually we should do it, but at least the lecturers could inform the lessons clearly first in order the students can know the lesson clearly and quickly.

Good method is important to success the lecture. But some lecturers do not have it. They are lazy to do find a good method for the students. I can say it because they don’t change their style or their method in the past and present although the method they used is not appropriate. The method they use is sounds monotone. They cannot make an interesting lecture in order the students miss the lesson. Lecture, for them, is only inform and then if the students do not know something then they have to ask what they do not understand and the lecturer answer the question, enough, that’s all. If it is still like that, it is ancient. Lecture should interesting, funny, attractive, and not boring. In addition, the lecturers should make a good method to realize it.

In summary, these are four main reasons why I think we have to re-study again about the qualify of the lecturers in D3 Program of English Department of UNS in order that the impression of lecturers of D3 Program of English Department of UNS in out side or society can be defended forever. If the lecturers are very good, of course the students will follow them. The students will be good too. However, if the lecturers are not good, the students are not too. While if the students are very good and smart, it is not always mean that the lecturers are good because maybe the students are smart first or diligent. It is normal. So, what about your lecturer, Guys??? Could you share it with us?

Ahmed Fikreatif

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