Meaning of Yesterday is History

Master Oogway

Yesterday is a history, Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why it is called the present.

Those quotation first time I found in the movie of “Kungfu Panda”. I replayed it on the scene many. Then finally I could get the sentence said by the master teacher of Po (Panda).

I’m very impressed by those proverb or quotation above. The sentence that firstly I will study is the sentence of “Yesterday is history”. This sentence, according to me, has deep meanings. The word yesterday has a meaning of a day which is in a day before in the past. Everything occurred in the past time couldn’t be rewind just like a music player that we may rewind or move forward as like what we want.

In a Arabian proverb, we have heard a sentence “The furthest thing in this world that we couldn’t reach at all is past time cause we will never reach it out by doing anything.” That’s why people said that Yesterday is history.

History is a thing that occurred in the past. We couldn’t say something as a history if it is never occurred. How come we say something which is not happen as a history? Of course It doesn’t. The word Yesterday is history has a similar meaning with the Arabian proverb.

The lesson that we could conclude from that proverb, according to me is that we don’t need to see behind us. Everything behind us is just a history that we can only remember. It wont change. So, why do we have to see something that will never changed? We should go down. We should go strait to forget a past time. If we have to, we just need to take a lesson of a past event or past time.

What about your opinions? And What about “tomorrow is mystery”?

(ahmed fikreatif)

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